"Power & Strength Within"

The BAHLOO Organisation specialises in developing, nurturing and promoting extraordinarily gifted identities - Spiritual Healers, Inspirational Artists, Mediums and Musicians, dedicating their life to making a difference to the betterment of our world at large.

The BAHLOO Wellness Centre is hosted by Butler Estate, a 27 acre property on the outskirts of Tamworth, making the peace and tranquility of country life readily available to all for their wellness journey.

"Balance Mind, Body & Spirit"

The Bahloo Organisation ...

The BAHLOO Organisation is dedicated to providing exceptional teaching and healing platforms, to open up opportunities for everyone, to lead a more fulfilled and abundant life.

The BAHLOO Organisation proudly provides the platform for the industries best operators to share their talent and individual gifts with all who choose a pathway to a quality life.

The BAHLOO Organisation believes we all are capable of finding our strength within and harnessing that power to make a difference to not only our own life, but to the entire universe.

"The Pathway To A Better Life"

"In Love We Embrace All"

"Shine Your Light"

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"A Journey of Fulfilment & Abundance"